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Holiday Bag - Boulevard Saint-Germain - 19 Products

I also need: Hygienic Kit - by Uriage
I also need: Diapers between 6-18 kgs - Little Big Change

What's inside the Bag? Your Essentials...

1 Bib by Barnabé aime le café
A retro chic bib for your baby.
1 Feeding Bottle Set 360 ml + 2 Feeding Bottles 210 ml by Le Biberon Français
Adapted to your growing child’s feeding needs, this set comprises of three bottles, all made in France. A real space saver thanks to the clever stacking design. 
Bottles composition: Tritan
Teats composition: 100% pure silicone 
1 DELICIOUS - Feeding Bottle 210 ml by Le Biberon Français
This highly versatile "Delicious" 7,5 ml feeding bottle holds up to seven doses of formula milk. Delicious can be used from birth. 
Composition of the bottles: Tritan
Composition of the teats: 100% pure silicone 
1 Formula and Snack Container by Beaba
The container is designed with a covered spout and a top handle. The sections are stackable in any order.
1 Meal Set by Beaba
Silicone meal set including a plate, a bowl with a suction cup and a glass. A follow on stage silicone spoon is included.

1 Set of 2 Pacifiers by Beaba
1 Nightlight by Pabobo
The Nomad night light offers a soft and reassuring light. The gift box also contains a small soft teddy bear to store your night light inside which can be hung everywhere: cot, car seat or stroller.
1 Baby Blanket by Barnabé aime le café
Softness and warmth ahead for baby! This blanket is made in two Liberty fabrics, lined with incredibly soft and warm fleece and framed with golden fabric for a very chic touch! It is perfect to keep your baby warm when you’re out and about. Turn it into a play mat at home or when visiting friends.
1 Musical Doll by Barnabé aime le café
For girls, Matriochka music-box doll with retro tunes of the Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg or Edith Piaf
For boys, Guitar music box guitar with legendary songs! Not only rock stars sleep with their guitars! These music boxes will bring sweet dreams to your children.
Composition 100% Polyester
1 Hand-Embroidered Sleeping Bag by Sienna Paris
Peaceful nights ahead for your baby and you with this  cozy sleeping bag.
Composition : Polyester inside and velvet outside


1 Hand-Embroidered Bath Cape by Sienna Paris
A beautifully designed and handy changing mat to keep your little one clean when you’re out and about. The easy detachable waterproof cover allows frequent washing. 
Composition: Velvet (outside) and cotton inside 
1 Hand Sanitizer by Dermaphex
This is a no rinse foam and alcohol free hand sanitizer.
1 Baby Hair Brush by La Brosserie Française
Perfectly adapted to the soft and fine hair of your cheeky baby, its soft goat bristles will be gentle on your baby's scalp.
1 Toothbrush by Bioseptyl
Toothbrush adapted to your baby's age. 
1 Toothpaste by Biospetyl
Ideal organic certified toothpaste gel for children aged 2-6 years old. Strawberry flavoured  and fluorine-free.
Tube of 50 ml.
1 Baby Care Set (1 thermometer +1 baby nail clippers + brush and comb) by Beaba
1 Digital Thermometer by Beaba
This rectal and body digital thermometer gives you a fast reading in 10 seconds. It is waterproof.


1 Toy by Vilac
Fun and brightly coloured for your cheeky baby!
Made from wood.
Toys will be adpated to your baby's age.
If your baby is younger than one year, we will place a a beautiful Soft toy instead ( a little rabit) from La Pelucherie.
1 Baby Umbrella by Vilac
Singin' in the rain!’ Children are protected from the rain with this cute wooden umbrella and its very original fabric.

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